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I'm a server engineer in Austin. I enjoy candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. My favorite color is orange. Hi, I'm Erick.


HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, and Semantics

Don't let your first impression be your last one. Style and usability are just as important to your web application for attracting users as stability is to keeping them around.


Turning input into output requires a lot of thinking. But by using a framework, you gain +1 agility. A good framework will speed up development time on top of giving you security, data validation, and a big community of bearded friends.

I'm a socially anxious people person.

I was raised on a small Louisiana farm, complete with cows, tractors, and allergies. I spent my last two years of high school at a pretty intense boarding school. I studied software engineering at LSU, and now I'm building web services here.

Throughout high school I was always interested in computer science, but my first declared major was Chemistry. When I accidentally graduated from high school with honors in computer science, I decided to switch majors.

When I'm not plugged into a text editor or looking at pictures of cats on imgur, you can probably find me at a bar in downtown Austin or listening to Planet Money.

I'm the one with the big nose.


I can build a web application from end to end, but my graphic design skills won't win any awards. I have a background in php using the symfony framework. But python puts the bacon on the table.

  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Python, PHP, Java
  • django, symfony, mysql
  • ssh, sftp, zsh, git
  • OS X, CentOS, Debian


I think the tools you use say a lot about you as a developer. There are too many tools out there to not take advantage of. I develop on OS X. Instead of Terminal, I use iTerm2 and Oh My ZShell. IDEs are too clunky. I prefer the lightweight text editor Chocolat. If you're not using version control, shame on you.

Some things I helped make